My beginnings in drawing

My experience as a member of “ Sacapuntacomics” group, my experience as an illustrator for the German press “ Corneasen” and my current Works as a caricaturist


'El comediante' ComicI was born on January 31st, 1980, in Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina, with the name of Gerardo Pérez and, in my firstly years of life my passion by the draw started to appear. When I was a boy, I stayed hours and hours drawing every things that I saw and, in that moment, I knew that I loved to draw. And, from that time, my objective was be a true professional.


After it, I started to read comics, superheroes and artists like Harold Foster (Principe Valiant, Tarzan) or the Argentinean drawer, José Luis Salinas (Pimpinella Escarlata, Cisco Kid).

Sacapunta Comics GroupWhen I was a teenager I adopted the idea that about the draw it couldn’t be a hobby in my life, but my profession and my way of life. So, I had to decided studied visual arts because I needed improve techniques and theories draw.

In 1999 when I was nineteen, I joined to A.H.I. (Asociación de Historietistas Independientes), that is a group dedicated to show independent comics in Argentina. With this group I shared as exponent in “Leyendas”. Leyendas is a convention of comics, sci-fi and horror, and it’s made by A.H.I. every years in Rosario.

Then, I joined to other comic group, Sacapunta Comics. There, I continued sharing as exponent in Leyendas and I published with Walter Koza (other old member of A.H.I.), the comic book “El comediante”.


In the year 2008, I took part in “Pamela”, an independent publication. This time, I participated not under Sacapuntacomic’s name, but under Llano de Mudo’s label (a firm from Cordoba). The magazine carries five stories scripted by Walter Koza, four of which were drawn by colleagues, friends and Sacapuntacomic’s ex-members. The story I drew took the magazine’s name, Pamela, and it was awarded a special mention in the 9th edition of Leyendas, 2007.


My approach to the caricatures world arrived later and it wasn’t a own choise, but an Omar Maneh’s offering, he was the creator of the Gold Key. The offering was make caricatures in live in an event. It was a really struggle for me. And the curious thing is that my first professional work doesn’t have relation ship with the comic, but the caricatures.


“La Tribuna” was the newspaper that gave me a space for work as illustrator of politic people, actors and stories in 2001.


Cutting taken from “La Tribuna” newspaper, March 2001.
Cutting taken from “La Tribuna” newspaper, March 2001.


Then, and in parallel with the caricatures for parties, weddings and all meetings, the possibility of make caricatures in a tv program of a Rosario cable channel appeared and I made this work by two years.


In the beginning of 2004, I was the great opportunity of showing my illustrations to a German editorial called Cornelsen and I had the luck of be choused for it. This is the company where I worked until the beginnings of 2006. That same year I was summoned to participate in the online contest “101 Great Caricaturists and portraitists of the World”, (exhibition on caricatures and portraits of Rumanian cultural celebrities). It was organized by the President of the East Europe caricaturists association. Thousands of artists from all over the world took part in the contest and 250 participants were chosen to exhibit their works in European countries throughout 2007.


At present, I devote myself to drawing caricatures on live during all kinds of social and business events and to showing my works in art galleries and town halls. I also illustrate books and design agencies brochures.


Postcard illustrated by Gerardo Pérez.
Postcard illustrated by Gerardo Perez for “Leyendas 2004” 6th edition.



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