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Welcome to my site

This page is dedicated to my caricatures, portraits, illustrations and comics


In this site you go to find all things about my most important works in caricatures, illustrations, comics and portraits.

You can look over to my biography and know in detail my trajectory as drawer. Also, you’ll to know my beginning in the art of drawing. From my first job as illustrator in a newspaper of Rosario, my entry to the comics world and the appearance of Sacapunta Comics, to my present time with my work as illustrator for a German publishing house.

You’ll know my other activity, the activity of caricaturist in weddings, birthdays, shows, parties and social and management events. I make it from many years ago and I could know many people entailed to draw, caricature, illustration and every art with it. You go to know how this activity is. I call it “Live Art”.


Gerardo Ninger PérezIn this site, you can see and enjoy my art gallery, that is composed by my best jobs. There are caricatures of famous people, young girls, in love people, politicians, Heroic Fantasy illustration, pages and covers of my comics.

Apart from al this, you Hill have the possibility of having your own caricature or wallpaper for a reasonable price. You will only have to e-mail me your photo.

Than you for visiting my website and please let me know of any doubt or sugestión. They Hill be more than welcome.

God be with you!!!






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My last wallpaper

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