Live Art


Interaction with the public

Caricatures and illustrations on birthday parties, wedding parties, social or business events


Live Art is an original and new proposal that I’m making from tree years ago, it consists in draw people in live in events like a souvenir.


Live Art


This activity wasn’t my own decision, and I hadn’t thought in it never. I didn’t think that that job could be a productive work. But a day, a very important person linked to the diffusion (Omar Maneh) means intended to be carried out live caricatures to all the companies of the event that he was organizing. Without doubting it, I decided to accept the proposition in spite of the great challenge that represented for me, because I had never made it. But I was very confident of my qualities like artist.


Live Art


It meant a great change in my labor perspective because the caricature opened up new roads. And I could grow up like artist.

In those years, I could work in many events and I wait for continue with this interesting activity.


Live Art


With the time and the growth in popularity of Live Art saw myself in the obligation of adding people to this activity, and be able to gather a number of drawing caricaturists that you/they accompany me to the different events that it go me arising. Number that varies depending on the quantity of companies that there is in each party. All these designers, co-workers and friends, for some time share my liking for the cartoons and the comics, and some are members, together with me, of Sacapunta Comics.


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Live Art


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